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My name is Naelah Nordin and I am a web developer & designer based in Tokyo with interests in various topics including but not limited to lycanthropy, linguistics, true crime, pop culture and flipbits.


/* Experience */
.software-developer (Arche Information) when (2016 - present){
  ruby-on-rails: web; 
  java: web;
  ios: swift;
.it-intern (Time Dotcom) when (2016){
  java: desktop;
/* Education */
.bsc-computer-science (IIUM) when (2012 - 2016) {
  fyp:{ automated arduino robot implementing maze-solving algorithm }
        {   artificial intelligence,
            computer forensics,
            cryptography   }
        {   Best Student Award (Overall KICT, 2016),
            Bronze Welfare Award    }

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Complexity is self-generating. The diversity of our world is understandable because it is possible to design imaginary self-consistent worlds potentially as complex as our own. This is no mere restatement of common sense. Everyone daydreams alternate worlds, but the imagination soon tires of filling in details. Ulam, Von Neumann, and Conway showed that a few recursive rules can paint in all the details. Creation can be simple.

Hire me for freelance design and development work or buy me a plate of sushi.